The goals of the Jewish English Lexicon (JEL) are to collect data on the English of Jews in America and elsewhere and to make it available to the general public.

JEL was conceived and produced by Sarah Bunin Benor and programmed by David Voong. Leah Helfgott and Chaim Singer-Frankes contributed to the design, and Alexandra Casser assisted with the lexicon. Photo credits: Bill Aron (1, 3, 4), Kim Silverstein (2), and Ra'anan Boustan (5). The site is maintained and administered by Sarah Bunin Benor and Tsvi Sadan (Tsuguya Sasaki). JEL is part of the Jewish Language Research Website.

JEL is made possible by funding from the American Academy for Jewish Research Special Initiatives Fund and the Dorot Foundation.

Top word contributors

The people listed here contributed many entries to the JEL.

  • Rabbi Lydia Bloom Medwin
  • Rabbi Daniel Bloom Medwin
  • Rabbi Jordana Chernow-Reader
  • Rabbi Joshua Samuels
  • Alexandra Casser
  • Mark Bunin Benor

You too can be listed here! After you have added several entries, please let us know by email. Names will only be added with permission.

Contact us

You can add an entry to the lexicon here. To edit an existing entry, click the Edit button in the full entry. If you have general comments about the site, specific words, or any aspect of Jewish language, please post them in the JEL forum. If you have a question or suggestion that requires staff attention, please email Sarah Bunin Benor: sbenor @ (remove the spaces).