20 random words retrieved

  1. 1


    "good", "okay"

  2. 2


    Identifying another person as a Jew.

    Inserting a Jewish phrase or concept into a conversation in order to determine whether the other person is or isn't Jewish.

  3. 3


    A free 10-day trip to Israel for young Diaspora Jews ages 18-26. Over 400,000 Jews have been to Israel on Birthright.

  4. 4


    to acquire; strengthen

  5. 5

    chol hamoed

    "the intermediate days of the weeklong holidays of Pesach and Sukkot" (JPS)

  6. 6


    "no evil eye" (Rosten). "An expression said to ward off the evil eye or bad luck in general; the verbal equivalent of knocking on wood." (JPS)

  7. 7



  8. 8


    Term for Soviet Jews who were not allowed to openly practice Judaism or emigrate from Soviet Union.

  9. 9


    The Messiah

  10. 10

    Jew Bub

    "Jewish Bubble"; the network of Jewish organizations and social circles in which Jews interact mostly with other Jews

  11. 11


    Before the Common Era (used in place of B.C.). Steinmetz: "...recently, a new awareness of the Christian character of these abbreviations have led many Jewish writers and editors to replace them with [C.E. And B.C.E.]"

  12. 12


    campers; members of youth movement, as in Hashomer Hatzair

    disciples (in a classroom)

  13. 13


    Shorthand reference to “A Portrait of Jewish Americans,” a comprehensive survey, released in October 2013 by the Pew Research Center’s Religion and Public Life Project. Upon its release, the survey's findings on population, Jewish identity, and interfaith marriage seemed likely to play a central role in determining priorities for myriad Jewish institutions.

  14. 14



  15. 15

    oy vey

    exclamation of dismay, exasperation, or surprise

  16. 16



  17. 17

    Open Orthodox

    a breakaway movement to the left of Modern Orthodoxy, declared outside of acceptable Orthodox boundaries by most mainstream Orthodox rabbis

  18. 18


    "Overused actions or behavior." (JPS)

    Comedy routine.

    Performances and silly behavior at weddings, intended to entertain the bride and groom.

    Props and decorations used for wedding entertainment.

  19. 19

    negel vasser

    literally "nail water"; refers to the practice of washing ones hands immediately after waking

  20. 20

    bli ayin hara

    "without the evil eye"; said in conjunction with a positive statement; similar to knocking on wood