20 random words retrieved

  1. 1


    nagging, annoying person

  2. 2


    "Quiet; respectable; well mannered" (Rosten). "middle class"; normal

  3. 3

    bikur cholim

    visiting the sick

  4. 4

    Kabbalat Shabbat

    "Special prayers and songs included as part of Friday night services to welcome in Shabbat."

  5. 5


    [the relatively minor mishap should be] an Atonement [for my/our/your sins, rather than something more serious]

  6. 6


    n. good lineage, adj. having good lineage. people from the right families that go back generations within a given Orthodox community

  7. 7


    Selection of the Pentateuch read publicly on the Sabbath.

    period of dating for marriage (Orthodox Jews)

    conversation (Weiser)

    general realm of feasibility, ballpark (Weiser)

    a tedious, lengthy enumeration or account, litany (Weiser)

  8. 8

    black hat

    Haredi; describing people or traditions of the right end of the Orthodox continuum, encompassing Hasidic and non-Hasidic (or just non-Hasidic) Orthodox Jews, of whom the men wear black hats

  9. 9

    good yom-tov

    standard holiday greeting

  10. 10


    still, yet, moreover

  11. 11

    aron kodesh

    "Literally, "holy ark"." (JPS)

  12. 12

    pisher, little pisher

    a diminutive that combines amusement, admiration and annoyance

  13. 13

    krav maga

    A form of mixed martial arts developed in the Israeli Army but popularized worldwide. Literally means "contact combat"

  14. 14

    adon olam

    a hymn in the traditional Jewish liturgy, usually recited before Shacharit and often sung after services in synagogue, made up of traits attributed to God

  15. 15


    "With depth and in detail: intensively"

  16. 16


    n. "unofficial information spread through the grapevine" (Weiser), especially information related to Talmud study

    v. refer someone for a marriage match; pronounce a match

    n. speech, talk

  17. 17


    character traits (singular: "middah")

  18. 18

    hamevin yavin

    "those who understand will understand." "You know what I'm talking about."

  19. 19


    A single, yeshivish male (see bochur) who is less culturally yeshivish than his peers.

  20. 20


    group, cohort; session/unit