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אחד מי יודע ('Who Knows One')

Excerpt #1 (Yiddish)

Ver ken zogn ver ken redn vos di ZIBN batayt? [Who can say what SEVEN means?]
ZIBN zenen di vokh-teg. [SEVEN are the weekdays.]
ZEKS zenen mishnayes. [SIX are Mishnas.]
FINF zenen khamushim. [FIVE are Chumashes.]
FIR zenen di imoes (mames). [FOUR are the mothers.]
DRAY zenen di oves (tates). [THREE are the fathers.]
TSVEY zenen di lukhes. [TWO are the tablets.]
Un EYNER iz dokh got. [And ONE is of course God.]
Un got iz eyner, un vayter keyner. [And God is One, and there is no other.]

Excerpt #2 (Judeo-Spanish / Ladino)

Kien supiense i entendiense? Alavar al dyo kreyense. [Who knows and understands? Praise God the Creator.]
Kwalo son los SIETE? [What are SEVEN?]
SIETE dias kon shabat. [SEVEN days with Shabbat.]
SEISH dias de la semana. [SIX days of the week.]
SINKO livros de la ley. [FIVE books of the law.]
KWATRO madres de israel. [FOUR mothers of Israel.]
TRES muestros padres son. [THREE are our fathers.]
DOS moshe y aron. [TWO Moses and Aaron.]
UNO es el kriador, baruh hu u'varuh shemo. [ONE is the Creator, Blessed Be He and his name.]

Excerpt #3 (Judeo-Italian – thanks to George Jochnowitz)

SETTE chi sa? [SEVEN, who knows?]
E SETTE ch'io lo so. [And SEVEN, which I know.]
SETTE giorni col di Sciabad. [SEVEN days with Shabbat.]
SEI ordini de Miscnà. [SIX orders of the Mishna.]
CINQUE libri della Torà. [FIVE books of the Torah.]
QUATTRO madri d'Israel. [FOUR mothers of Israel]
Sarà, Riccà, Rahel e Leà. [Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah..]
TRE padri nostri son. [THREE are our fathers.]
Avram, Yizhak e Yangakov. [Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.]
Li DUE tavoli de Moscè. [The TWO tablets of Moses.]
UNO Dio che in cielo è. [ONE God who is in heaven.]
Uno fu e uno è. [One he was and one he is.]

Excerpt #4 (Jewish English)

Who knows SEVEN?
I know SEVEN.
SEVEN are the days of the week.
SIX are the books of the Mishna.
FIVE are the books of the Torah.
FOUR are the immas (mommas).
THREE are the abbas (pappas).
TWO are the tablets that Moshe (Moses) brought.
ONE is Hashem, ONE is Hashem, ONE is Hashem.